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  • The Laboratory of Communication Studies (LADECOM) in collaboration with the research group structure, history and content of communication (GREHCCO) and the Department of Journalism II, University of Seville, are organizing the First Congress of "Infoxication. Information and psyche market".
    Team organizer:


    Doctor Ramón Reig


    Dra. Rosalba Mancinas Chávez

    Dr. Roberto Matrínez Pecino

    Dra. Antonia Isabel Nogales Bocio

    María José Barriga Cano

    Sara Reig Lebrato

    Guillermo Polo Herváz

    Imagen y diseño

    Fabián Rodríguez Vázquez



    Comité científico

    Dra. Concha Langa Nuño (Universidad de Sevilla)

    Dra. Núria Almirón Roig (Universidad Pompeu Fabra)

    Dra. Guillermina Franco Álvarez (Universidad Carlos III)

    Dr. David García Martul (Universidad Carlos III)

    Dra. Ana Guil Bozal (Universidad de Sevilla)

    Dr. Ignacio Aguaded, Universidad de Huelva (España)

    Dr. Xosé Soengas, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (España)

    Dr. Antonio Laguna Platero, Universidad Castilla-La Mancha (España)

    Dr. Miguel Ángel Sánchez de Armas, UPAEP (México)

    Dr. Juan Miguel Orta Vélez, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (México)

    Dra. Alba Esther Arce Barceló, Universidad Iberoamericana (México)

    Dr. Vítor Reia-Baptista, Universidade do Faro (Portugal)

    Dra. Angela Grossi do Carvalho, Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho  (Brasil)

    Dr. Fernando Figueredo, Florida International University (USA)

    Dra. Eliana Herrera Huérfano (Colombia)

    Dra. Rosa Cabecinhas, Universidad do Minho (Portugal)

    Dra. Hui Feng Liu, Departamento de Español, Universidad Wenzao (Taiwán)

    Raquel Suriá Martínez, Universidad de Alicante (España)

    Dr. Jesús Arroyave,  de la Universidad del Norte (Colombia)

    Dra. Concepción Medrano (Universidad del País Vasco)

    Dr. Luis Manuel Calvo Salgado, Universidad de Zurich

    Dra. María Palacín Lois, Universidad de Barcelona

  • Infoxication. Information and psyche market” counts with several modalities of inscription according to the profile of the assistant:

    -          Student assistant (with 2,5 CLC*): 20€

    -          Investigator with communication: 60€

    -          Investigator with communication and cultural activities (includes dinner and tourist visits): 100€

    After  October 1 2013 enrollment rates for communication researchers with up to 80 euros and prices for communication researchers and cultural activities to 120 euros.

    ** The assistants who need  to travel by train have a bonus of 30 % in his Renfe's tickets .  Download discount

    To inscribe only you have to do the corresponding revenue to the following number of bank account of La Caixa:  

    2100 2594 13 0110406432

    The following information must appear in the revenue:

    -          Complete name of the new recruit

    -          Modality (student/investigator/investigator with visits)

    Is very important to send the proof of payment.

    Ask for more information in:

  • The Communication Studies Laboratory (LADECOM in Spanish), in collaboration with the Structures, History and Communication Contents Investigation Group (GREHCCO in Spanish) and the Journalism II Department of the University of Seville organizes the first ever ’Infoxication’Congress: Information Market and Psyche.  The concept ‘Infoxication’ (that combines the words ‘information’ and ‘intoxication’) makes reference to the intellectual disease originated by the disability to analyze and understand the huge volume of information, data and stimulus provided by the current mass media.  We face a cross curricular subject that connects the media context with the psychological perspective about contents assimilation by the individual. That’s why we consider necessary researching from a journalistic and psychosocial point of view about the reasons of this phenomenon, its implications and commercial and ideological interests, its gravity and the consequences that brings to the entire human race.  We seek the participation from any researcher interested in areas such as Journalism, Pedagogy, Law, Anthropology, Sociology, Audiovisual Communication, Publicizing, and Public Relations as well as analog disciplines. Talks can be presented in Spanish, English or Portuguese. 

    Now available the distribution of communications in tables. Download the document here

    Talk proposals must be related to one of the following lines of work: 
    1. Infoxication and Informative Overload. Theoric basis and case studies. 
    2. Psychology, market and mass media. A view from psyche. 
    3. Educommunication: Media development and knowledge-based society. 
    4. Social Network and Journalism 3.0. Informative “Macroconsuming” through Internet. 
    5. Infoxication and gender. 
    6. Infoxication and childhood. 
    7. Infoxication and environment: Ecology and information market. 
    8. Institutional communication and Infoxication. 

    1. Before sending the entire work, the applicant must provide us with a brief synopsis or proposal (300 words aprox.) including: subject (introduction, objectives, methodology, etc.), line of work, as well as 5-6 keywords. Applicants must also present personal info (name, surname, e-mail and institution), and a brief CV (2-3 lines). 
    2. The deadline is the 30th July 2013. Proposals received with anticipation will be answered within a week (aprox.). Beyond that date, no proposal will be accepted. 
    3. Proposals (7,000 words max.) must be sent via e-mail to the address, with the “Re:” “Talk Proposal”. They will be reviewed and valued by the academic commitee. Standards for the writing of the final works will be those adopted by “Ámbitos, Revista Internacional de Comunicación”.

    Proposals could refer to oral communications or posters. Participants may include their preference either for oral communications or poster presentation in the abstract. Organizing committee will make the final decision about the format.

    Works accepted as posters will be presented in 110 x 90 cm. Posters must include below the title complete authorship (including, last name, name, email and institution). Posters will be delivered during the Conference at the Conference Secretary or may also be posted in advanced, already printed, to the following address:

  • La Facultad de Comunicación se encuentra situada en:

    Calle Américo Vespucio S/N 
    41092 Isla de la Cartuja, Sevilla (España)

    Acceso mediante transporte público:

    • Autobús TUSSAM C1 y C2, parada: Américo Vespucio-Facultad de Comunicación
    • Tren de cercanías: Línea C-2: Santa Justa - Cartuja

    Sin título-1

  • The headquarters of the congress will be the Hotel Ribera de Triana. This 4 star hotel is located in the heart of the Triana district of Seville, Spain. It is a lively and dynamic neighbourhood with many nice little bars and restaurants. His streets and plazuelas, the hustle that is obvious in the environment, his bars, restaurants do of Triana one of the most attractive Neighborhoods of Seville. The above mentioned hotel is closely together of the Faculty of Communication.
    The assistants to the International I Congreso "Infoxicación. Market of the information and psyche " will have 10 % of discount in the reservation of his room. For it, they must reserve his room as soon as possible introducing the code "INFOXICACION" on having effected the reservation in the web page of the hotel.


    exterior terraza

    habitacion1 (2)

    The Hotel Ribera de Triana has an own pier, for what the interested parties will be able to contract a walk by ship for the Guadalquivir.

    Hotel Monte Triana:

    The Hotel Monte Triana is close to two important centers of company: World Trade Center and Technological Park Isla de la Cartuja, as well as the fairground Isla Mágica.
    habitacion monte

    Hotel Tryp Macarena:

    Hotel near to the historical center of Seville, the river Guadalquivir, fairground Isla Mágica and Technological Park Isla de la Cartuja. Excellent communication with the Airport of Seville (San Pablo) and Santa Justa train station (AVE) by means of the buses C-2 and C-1.

    Hotel Exe Isla Mágica:

    Hotel very near of the Faculty of Communication. It is close to the Olympic stadium. Across the Barqueta’s Bridge, the Giralda Tower, the Reales Alcázares, La Maestranza  theatre or the Tower of the Gold, they are to approximately 20 minutes of walk afoot. Good communication with the buses C-2 and C-1.

    * free configuration credits

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